Nidhi Company Registration

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An Overview of Nidhi Company Registration

A Nidhi company refers to a type of entity in the non-banking finance sector, recognized under Section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013. Their primary business is borrowing as well as lending funds between their members. They are also regarded as Benefit funds, permanent funds, Mutual benefits and Mutual Benefit Funds companies. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs governs these entities in India and reserves the right to issue directions related to deposit acceptance activities. The core object of these entities is to foster the habit of thrift and reserve funds amongst its serving members. The concept of Nidhi Company is quite popular in the southern region of India.

Important Facts of Nidhi Companies

  • No RBI consent is required to form the Nidhi company in India. Therefore, it can be incorporated very easily. 
  • Nidhi Companies are incorporated as Public Companies.
  • They must affix “Nidhi Limited” at the end of their name.
  • Nidhi Companies’ undertakings are quite similar to NBFCs, and so they fall under the ambit of the Reserve Bank of India.
  • The core objective of Nidhi Company essentially revolves around in-house lending and borrowing activities with no third-party intervention whatsoever.
  • Nidhi Rules, 2014 permits Nidhi to facilitate locker facilities to its members on rent. The rental income should not surpass 20% of the Company’s overall income at any instance during the financial year.

Conditions for Incorporating Nidhi Companies in India

The Governing Authority sets the following Conditions for Incorporating Nidhi Company in India:

    • Minimum number of members: 7 (3 members should be the designated directors)
    • minimum equity share capital: Rs. 5 lakhs
    • Must have limited company status under Company Act, 2013
    • Mandatory inclusion of the Company’s object in MOA reflects its intention to foster the habit of thrift and savings among the members.

Benefits of Incorporating Nidhi Companies in India

The followings are the major benefits of the Nidhi Company Registration in India:

  • Easy Formation
    The formation of a Nidhi Company is done through a very simple process. For the formation of Nidhi Company, there are certain requirements such as a minimum of seven members, out of which three will be appointed as directors and an easy and hassle-free documentation process. 
  • Non-Compliance with Reserve Bank of India
    A Nidhi Company does not require to comply with any of the Reserve Bank of India guidelines. So, the Nidhi Company is free to inculcate its own rules.
  • Less Risk
    The lending, borrowing or depositing of transactions are done by the members only, decreasing the risk of any financial issues in the Nidhi Company. 
  • Economical Registration
    The registration of a Nidhi Company is not heavy on the Director’s pocket as it is very simple than other NBFC registration process, so it does not affect the Director’s finances. It also helps the Nidhi Company in getting business loans whenever required for the growth of the Company. 
  • Certainty of savings
    The concept and objective of a Nidhi Company are to promote the saving among Indian people. 
  • Net-owned Funding system
    A Nidhi Company follows the Net owned funding system, which means the transaction where an invest an amount in the business to raise funds for the same. This feature makes a Nidhi Company cost-effective for owners and helps in the growth of the business. 

Documents for Nidhi Company registration

Following is the List of Documents required for registering a Nidhi Company in India:

  • Directors Identification Number, i.e., DIN
  • PAN number of the proposed directors and members
  • Residential proof and address proof of the proposed directors and members
  • Photographs of the proposed directors and members
  • Identification Documents like Aadhar card
  • Registered business place proof such as lease or rent agreement
  • Ownership proof of the business place in case the premises are owned
  • NOC if required
  • MOA i.e., Memorandum of Association
  • AOA, i.e., Article of Association

The Procedure of Nidhi Company Registration in India

The followings are the detailed steps for the procedure of Nidhi Company registration:

1: Obtain DSC and DIN from MCA certified agencies

The first step for all the directors is to obtain the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) and DIN (Directors Identification Number) from the MCA certified agencies. The said agencies charge standard fees for rendering such services and seek basic documentation for the same. DSC is essentially used to authenticate the document electronically. It is by far the most secure and legit way of signing the e-form and others documents.

2: Name Approval

One needs to suggest the three best names for their Nidhi Company to the MCA, and one of these names will be accepted by the MCA. The name of Nidhi Company should be unique. Such approved name remains valid for 20days only

3: Application for Registration

Once the name is approved, the directors shall file an application for registration with the Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA). 

4: Certificate of Incorporation

It takes 15-20 days for the appropriate authority to grant a certificate for incorporation of a Nidhi Company. This certificate also contains the Company’s Company Identification Number (CIN).

Restricted undertakings for Nidhi Company as Per the Nidhi Rules

Nidhi Companies Are Not Permitted to Engage with the Following Undertakings:

  • Business of Chit fund, lease finance, hires purchase finance, & acquisition of securities issued by anybody corporate.
  • Issuance of preference shares, debentures, or debt instruments by any name or Form
  • Opening Current account with its serving members
  • Acquisition of another entity via the purchase of securities or control of the composition of BODs of any other company in any way whatsoever.
  • Entering into a legal arrangement for altering its management in the absence of the board approved special resolution and consent of the Regional Director functioning in the respective jurisdiction.
  • Conducting activities that deviate from the object of the Company.
  • Accepting or lending deposits to non-members.
  • Pledging member’s assets as security
  • Taking deposits or granting funds to anybody from corporate
  • Entering into any partnership arrangement for borrowing or lending activities
  • Leveraging any form of advertisement for soliciting deposit
  • Paying incentives or for mobilizing deposits from serving members or for the fund deployment or issuing loans.
  • In the new rules, it has been stated that the Nidhi Company shall not raise loans from the banks or any financial institutions or any other source to advance the loans of its members. 
  • Another restriction given is on acquiring or purchasing securities or controlling the composition of the Board of Directors of any other company or from entering into an arrangement for the change of its management.

Changes made by Nidhi Company (Amendment) Rules of 2022

The followings are the said amendments related to the registration of Nidhi Company made under the Nidhi Company (Amendment) Rules, 2022:

  • No company shall raise the deposit for any member or gives a loan to any of its members if:
  • it does not comply with the rules or requirements of Nidhi Company New Rules,
  • the central government has rejected the application in Form NDH -4,

However, not anything written under these rules shall apply to the Company incorporated on or after the commencement of these Nidhi Company New Rules. 

  • Any public company wanting to be declared as a Nidhi company shall apply in Form NDH-4 within a period of 120 days from the date of its incorporation for declaration as a Nidhi company after fulfilling the following conditions:

   (i) it has not less than 200 members;

   (ii) it has Net owned Funds of Rs. 20 lacs or more

After examining the application, the central government conveys its decision within 45 days to the Company, and if it fails to do so within 45 days, it will be deemed to be approved.

However, the Company shall commence its business only if the central government approves its application. 

  • The Company shall attach a declaration with regard to the fulfilment of fit and proper person by all of its directors and promotors with the Form NDH-4.

The following criteria should be looked upon to determine that any promoter or Director is a fit and proper person:

(a) Integrity, honesty, ethical behaviour, fairness, reputation and character 

(b) Not incurring any of the following disqualifications:

(i) Any complaint or information under section 154 of CrPC has been filed or is pending against him

(ii) Chargesheet filed against him in the matter of economic offences

(iii) Restraining, prohibition or department order has been passed against him in any matter related to company law, securities law or financial market in force

(iv) Conviction order passed against him involving moral turpitude

(v) Declared involvement and not been discharged 

(vi) Unsound mind

(vii) Wilful defaulter

(viii) Fugitive economic offender

(ix) Director of five or more companies  

(x) Such person is the Director in five or more than five; or promoter in three or more than three Nidi Companies

  • The minimum paid-up share capital has been raised from 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs.
  • Nidhi company existing on the date of enforcement of Nidhi Company New Rules shall comply with all the requirements within a period of 18 months from the date of such enforcement. 
  • The requirement of filing the application in Form NDH 1 within 90 days from the Company’s incorporation shall not be applicable to the companies incorporated on or after the enforcement of Nidhi Company New Rules. 
  • The requirement of Net owned funds for Nidhi company has been changed from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs. 
  • In case a Nidhi company wants to open more than three branches outside the district or any branch outside the district, then it shall now have to apply in Form NDH 2 along with the fee as required under the Companies (Registration Offices and Fee) Rules, 2014 and intimate about such opening to the Registrar within 30 days from the opening. However, it cannot open branches unless it has filed its financial statement or annual return to the Registrar. And, it shall not open its Branch outside the state where its registered office is situated.
  • In the Annexure, an amendment has been madein the Forms (NDH 2 Form: heading, serial no. 4, serial no. 6, in Form NDH 3 and NDH, also, after NDH 4, another Form of NDH 5 is inserted) 

Dreamunicus Procedure for Nidhi Company Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

A Nidhi Company belongs to the category of "Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)," which are exempt from Reserve Bank of India licensing requirements (RBI). It was established with the sole intention of taking deposits from and lending money to its members. It only functions through its members.

A Nidhi Company must be incorporated within roughly 15 business working days.

It is required to include "Nidhi Limited" in the company name. The phrase "Mutual Benefit" can also be used, though.

A Nidhi Company must have at least three directors and seven shareholders in order to be registered.

No, a minor is not permitted to hold the position of director for a Nidhi Corporation. A Nidhi Company's Director may only be someone who is at least 18 years old.

The registration process for Nidhi Company is entirely online, thus the promoters are not need to be present or to come to our office in person.

No, there is no restriction on the total number of members. Yet, a Nidhi Company must have at least 200 members within the first year of operation.

Nidhi Businesses are subject to the ensuing rules.

  • Since they have the characteristics of a public company, the Companies Act of 2013's norms and regulations apply.
  • Nidhi Businesses must abide by RBI regulations regarding the interest rate payable on deposits. But, because the RBI has exempted the Nidhi Companies from the same, the main provisions of the RBI do not apply to them.
  • Nidhi Rules, 2014.

A Nidhi Company must be registered as a Public Limited Company in order to be incorporated. So, in order to incorporate a Nidhi Company, you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • There should be a minimum of three directors.
  • There should be a minimum of 7 stockholders.
  • To promote the habit of saving and being frugal among the MOA's members should be its primary goal. Additionally, it will operate for the mutual interest of its members and can only take deposits from and lend money to members.

Absolutely, the deposits held by these companies are safe and secure thanks to rules and guidelines established by the Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. And the Nidhi Company is required to follow all regulations issued by the central government.

According to Nidhi Regulations, the Nidhi Company lends the money to its stockholders. Such funds are lent in the form of small loans for use in finance and business.

Every person who meets the requirements for age verification—a minimum of being over 18—can join the Nidhi Companies. Anybody interested in joining should have current ID and address proof.

The following documents are necessary for Nidhi Company Registration:

  • All Directors' digital signature certificates.
  • Directors Each director is identified.
  • A PAN Card copy.
  • Identity Proof Copies (i.e. Voters ID Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card).
  • A pair of passport-size photos.
  • Registration Address Verification (Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill).
  • A rent agreement and rent receipt are required if the recorded address is a rented location.

Only when the members have given/provided some security like gold, silver jewellery, or any other sort of financial securities against the loan can Nidhi grant loans to its members.

The following types of business are prohibited for Nidhi Companies:

  • They are not permitted to start businesses in the fields of chit funds, insurance, hire purchase finance, leasing finance, or the purchase of stock issued by corporations.
  • The Nidhi Company is not permitted to issue instruments like debentures or preference shares.
  • They are not permitted to open any current accounts with its participants.
  • It is prohibited from forming a partnership to engage in the loan and borrowing industry.
  • No further company acquisitions are permitted.

The idea of mutual benefit has been to pool member savings, only lend to fellow members, and never do business with non-members.

Nidhi won't be issuing any preferred shares.Nidhi won't be issuing any preferred shares.

The Director of a Nidhi may serve on the Board of Nidhi for up to ten years in a row. The Director won't be eligible for re-appointment until two years have passed since they last served as a director.

Each Nidhi is required to issue equity shares with a nominal value of at least ten rupees.

Each deposit holder must get at least ten equity shares, or shares worth 100 rupees, from each Nidhi.

In accordance with its most recent audited financial accounts, a Nidhi may not accept deposits that are greater than twenty times its Net Owned Funds (NOF).

A Nidhi is not allowed to declare dividends that are higher than 25%, or any sum specifically approved by the Regional Director for reasons that must be shown in writing.

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Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

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