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What Is a Provisional Patent? - An Overview

A provisional patent is an application informing the corresponding authorities regarding the innovation and its ownership. It protects innovation and the applicant. This is filed for a short term with the patent office. According to the experts, it is a good idea to file provisional patents online to get an early filing or priority date.

The requisite patent filing date can be swiftly obtained with the use of provisional patent applications. Filing a provisional patent application online is a demanding process. The real patent application has to be filed with the patent office within 12 months from the date of filing a provisional patent application. Subsequently, the applicant will be protected by the patent despite another opposition party submitting an identical patent application post innovation.

Reasons for Filing Provisional Patent Application Online

Filing a provisional patent application online can come handy when an invention is certain but will likely require additional improvements that can be completed within a year. In this scenario it is a great opportunity to file a provisional patent application India It is essential to finish the innovation within a year so that the original invention detailed in the online provisional patent application can be used before it expires and so that the non-provisional patent can be submitted with enhancements. It basically provides time and protection for the applicant.

Things to Keep in Mind When You File Provisional Patent Online

Before filing a provisional patent make sure to get through all the requirements. Applicants should take the following factors into account.

  • An invention’s limitations are set down in a formal, legal document known as a patent. The filing of the entire patent specification results in no new parts being added between the patent specifications
  • Filing Provisional patent application online will nullify the effect of the latest innovation made after the date of the initial filing. The latest innovation will not be taken into consideration or will not be held legit. It will not have any form of advantages or legal support
  • In this case, the pattern will be completely abandoned if the original patent is not submitted within the time frame. As per the rules and regulations, the original patent has to be submitted within a year of filing a provisional patent
  • The patent will be abandoned if the entire specification is not submitted within the given time frame. Within a year of filing a Provisional Application online, a comprehensive description of the complete invention should be submitted.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained even after filing a provisional patent application, however, important disclosures must be made during the provisional specification stage because incomplete applications would negatively impact the applicant’s chances of moving forward in subsequent stages
  • To properly comprehend the innovation and its advantages, a foundational set of claims must be written

Documentation Needed for Online Provisional Patent Application

Filing a provisional patent application online requires the following documents:

  • Forms 1–5
  • If you submit the patent through an online agent filing service is required then provide Form 26
  • For comparable declarations and projects relating to foreign patent applications, file Form 3
  • Application materials for conventions when the priority date is asserted
  • Images of the invention.

Differences Between Trademark, Copyrights and Patent

There are enough differences between trademark, copyright and a patent. Here is the table that shows all the difference for you to refer to:

What’s ProtectedAny word, phrase, symbol or design that recognizes and differentiates the source of one party’s goods from those of another.Inventions, such as procedure, manufacturer, composition, machines of matter as well as improvements to these.Books, articles, music, photography, sculptures, dances, sound recordings, motion films and other original works of authorship.
Requirements for ProtectionA mark must be distinguishable, in the sense that it must be able to identify the source of a certain good.A fresh, valuable, and unusual invention is required.A work must be unique, original, and created in a tangible manner.
Term of ProtectionAs long as the mark is used in commerce.20 yearsAuthor’s lifespan +70 years.
Rights GrantedRight to use the mark and to prohibit others from using identical marks in a way that could create confusion about the goods or services’ origin.Right to restrict others from manufacturing, selling, or importing the patented invention.Copyrighted works have the power to dictate their reproduction, creative works, circulation, public performance, and display.

Documents Required to File Provisional Patent Online

Different forms and documentation must be submitted with a temporary patent application. When filing a provisional patent, the following forms must be submitted.

  • Form 1: A patent request should be made using this form. It must be signed and submitted before six months of filing a provisional patent. The applicant must fill out this form completely before signing it, including all pertinent information and the names of the inventor, and the type of innovation.
  • Form 2: These forms’ specifications are provisional. The words ‘provisional patent’ must be written alongside the applicant’s name and job title. This format must also be used to describe the innovation.
  • Form 3: Submit comparable international patent applications
  • Form 5: This form contains the statement of inventorship
  • Form-26: A power of attorney for the patent agent has to be provided. Within six months of the application’s filing, it must be submitted.
  • Form-28: The innovation’s design, drawing, or sketch must be supplied with the same details (not required in the case of a process).

Advantages of Filing a Provisional Patent Application Online

The online provisional patent application provides multiple advantages when compared to the manual process. As the application for provisional patent process serves the first commers, it’s best to initiate the process online. One can reap the following advantages by opting for filing a provisional patent application online.

  • Cost-effective: The Act includes a provision for provisional patents to guarantee that the investor or innovator has time to gather the cash required to petition for a full patent or hire a patent agent. Compared to filing for a full patent, a provisional patent is substantially less expensive.
  • Twelve-month protection: When a provisional patent application is submitted and accepted, twelve-month protection is granted starting on the date of the initial filing. This guarantees that they have time to complete whatever is necessary before acquiring a full patent or can continue to develop their innovation.
  • Dates of the patent application: The filing date is important when attempting to obtain a patent. The previous application with an older filing date is provided a greater priority over the latest applicant.

After filing a provisional patent, investors and inventors may use the tag ‘Patent Pending’ to assess the commercial potential of their unique design or approach. If a holder of a provisional patent in India decides not to pursue a full patent any longer, they may do so without worrying about the accompanying costs.

Procedure for a Provisional Patent

Step 1: Complete the Invention Disclosure Statement

Vakilsearch follows a proper three-step procedure for filing a Provisional Patent application online. The complete process to file a provisional patent online is discussed in detail below.

Filing a provisional patent application online is necessary to protect your invention. You must make sure that your application for a provisional patent is submitted by the appropriate date. This will stop someone from stealing your concept. As per our experts, it is mandatory to file a provisional patent application even if your invention is not completed or you are not yet prepared for a full nonprovisional patent.

The invention can thereafter be referred to as ‘patent pending. An idea is protected by filing a provisional patent application online while the inventor works to develop and enhance it. To finish the procedure, use these steps!

  • Describe how you answered the following IDF questions.
  • The issues you’re trying to explain
  • Existing issues and solutions for the same
  • Specifics of your invention’s technical specifications
  • The functionality of the technical features.

Step 2: Combining Your Inventions

This phase may take two to three iterations based on the situation.

  • Provide details about any alternatives to the indicated remedy
  • We seek new technical features on an IDF form
  • To educate the impression for originality examination and explanation rehearsal.

Step 3: Find Something Novel

It aids in the discovery of novel, distinctive technological traits. At vakilsearch we inquire for globally available editions to see whether any published articles with similar or comparable technical details prevail.

Step 4: Writing the Provisional Patent Application Requirements

We move to create the innovation that particularly addresses it after the invention’s originality is confirmed.

Step 5: Documenting the Forms

Every form that is required for filing a provisional patent application online will be collected and submitted along with the patent specification. This is selected in light of the scenario.

Step 6: File Provisional Patent Online

When everything is prepared, we apply and make the required payments. The Patent Office will make the online provisional patent application number public. Get in touch with Vakilsearch if you want to apply for a provisional patent quickly.

Provisional Patent Requirement

Follow these steps to learn about what’s required to apply for a provisional patent

  • A description of the invention in writing
  • Any necessary invention drawings or images
  • The complete identities of each inventor
  • Filing fee
  • A declaration or digital file
  • The application asks for a temporary patent
  • Name of the founder
  • Location of the author
  • Name of the invention
  • Registration evidence for an attorney or dealer including similar address and docket number, if applicable.

Information Present in Provisional Patent India


  • The name of the new idea, concept, or technique
  • Provisional patent requirements and regulations (Note: A section on claims is not required in a provisional specification.)
  • What is the type of innovation? (Note: The definition of innovation should not be confined and limited)
  • The invention’s priority and purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

A provisional application can be made while the invention is still in the testing stage. A tentative specification is advantageous to the inventor since it helps establish the invention's priority date.
Provisional patent applications are valid for a year. The applicant should provide all the detailed specifications along with the filing date to benefit from filing a Provisional Patent application.
Because a claim is not necessary, many provisional patent applications can be submitted by innovators without the assistance of an attorney. Because there is only one filing fee for each application, which ranges between ₹75 and ₹300, costs are lower.
Yes, in addition to offering a provisional patent, an applicant may grant a license to a third party for the rights detailed in his provisional patent application.
Utility, design, and plant patents are three separate sorts of patents. Anyone who creates a new, useful method, apparatus, manufactured article, composition of matter, or any new, helpful enhancement thereof, may be granted a utility patent.
Even without formal patent claims, filing a provisional patent application online in India is possible. The goal is to provide investors with a low-cost way to safeguard their findings in the interim before determining whether to seek a full patent.

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Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

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